How Much Is A Car Accident Settlement Worth?

It is normal to be concerned about money after an unexpected car accident. Many victims have questions and concerns regarding compensation after an accident. Fortunately, many car accident victims may be entitled to financial compensation and with the help of a Passaic County car accident lawyer, it is possible to evaluate the value of a potential personal injury claim. For specific answers, it is best to call as soon as possible after a car accident.

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How Do You Know How Much A Car Accident Settlement Is Worth?
An experienced lawyer will evaluate your case and determine the value of your potential car accident settlement. There are many factors to consider and there are several standard questions that can help your attorney determine how best to proceed with your case. Relevant questions include:

  • Were external factors beyond your control directly responsible for the accident? This would include dangerous roads, poorly marked lanes or speed limits or bad car parts.
  • Did another driver cause your accident due to reasons such as drunk driving, reckless driving, speeding or other dangerous behaviors?
  • Can you prove, through documentation and witnesses, that the accident was the fault of another driver’s negligence or poor decisions?
  • Were you injured in the course of the accident or was there a fatality?
  • Do you face mounting medical bills and other accident-related expenses?
  • Have you already been approached by an insurance company regarding a settlement?

Your answers to these questions, along with other factors related to your case, will be carefully evaluated to determine the value of your case. Once an estimate has been established, your lawyer will continue to walk through the claim process with you. He or she will work to ensure that you do not settle for less than a fair settlement and that your best interests are represented at all times.

The amount of any settlement is based on the individual factors of the case. While there can be no guarantee of a specific outcome, a typical personal injury settlement often includes medical bills, retraining expenses, lost income and emotional duress. A car accident lawyer will help you build a personal injury or wrongful death case that is specifically suited to your needs.

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