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Car accidents are among the most common motor vehicle accidents that occur in the Passaic County area. These types of accidents can cause serious injuries to both drivers and passengers and may leave families mourning the loss of a loved one. Car accidents can leave a family reeling from the shock and expense that comes with an unexpected trauma. Fortunately, victims of these types of accidents may be eligible for financial compensation. A Passaic County car accident lawyer can help.

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Types Of Possible Car Accidents
Car accidents can happen in an instant, and you never have a warning that your life is about to change forever. Each car accident is unique, but the most common types of car accidents can include:

Rollover accidents: These types of accidents usually cause serious injury. Rollover accidents can be caused by side impact accidents. There are some types of cars that may be more susceptible to these types of accidents, such as sports utility vehicles.

Side impact accidents: These types of accidents may be more commonly known as T-bone accidents. Side impact accidents often happen when a car drives through an intersection or red light.

Head-on collisions: Head on collisions are a very serious type of car accident because they often cause severe injuries. These types of car accidents may happen when a driver is negligent or distracted. Drunk driving and other factors can cause head-on collisions.

Low impact accidents: These may also be known as fender benders and often happen at red lights or intersections. While these accidents may not happen at high speeds, they can still cause serious injury.

This is not a conclusive list of accidents, however, the following list of accidents are among the most common types of motor vehicle accidents, including truck accidents or pedestrian accidents. These types of crashes and collisions can cause some of the following injuries:

  • Head injuries
  • Neck or back pain
  • Fatal injuries
  • Internal damage or broken bones

Any of these injuries can leave victims in pain and requiring extensive medical treatment. If negligent driving caused your accident, you do not have to face these injuries or these costs alone. A Passaic County car accident lawyer can evaluate the circumstances of your case and determine if you may be eligible for a monetary settlement.

Why Call An Attorney?
Do you have enough money to pay your accident related medical bills? Do you know what caused your accident? Do you need answers to your questions and concerns? If you need answers or if you would like to know if you should pursue personal injury or wrongful death compensation, call an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

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