Drunk Driving Accidents Attorney

Drunk driving is dangerous, selfish and unnecessary. Any driver who decides to get behind the wheel inhibited by alcohol is a danger to every other motorist on the roads. While drunk driving is a common cause of car accidents, drunk drivers should be held liable for damages that they cause. If you have been injured in a drunk driving accident or if you lost a family member, you could be entitled to compensation.

Drunk Driving Accidents And Your Rights
What kinds of accidents qualify as drunk driving accidents? Drivers who get behind the wheel with blood alcohol content of .08 percent or above are considered to be drunk and if caught, will be arrested. The characteristics of drunk drivers typically include the following:

  • Weaving, difficulty staying in the lanes and ignoring traffic signs
  • Excessive speeding or driving extremely slowly
  • Dangerous driving, such as racing or aggressive driving
  • Irrational behavior or distracted driving

One of the tragic realities is that many of the victims of drunk driving are innocent motorists in other vehicles. When the actions of a drunk driver contribute to an accident, not only will that driver face legal repercussions, he or she will also be considered liable for injuries, damages and emotional traumas that are incurred.

Alcohol lowers a person’s inhibitions and can cause a typically responsible person to do things he or she normally would not do. Unfortunately, this loss of inhibition can result in reckless behavior that puts others in danger – like drunk driving. Moreover, drunk driving can result in further uninhibited behavior behind the wheel. Reckless driving and high speeds are common among accidents that are related to alcohol consumption.

Drunk Driving Claims Lives
Sadly, drunk driving accidents that result in injuries often prove more dangerous for innocent motorists than for the drunk driver. It is very common for a drunk driver to walk away from a severe crash with minor injuries, while victims in the second vehicle suffer critical injuries. Medical research indicates this may be due to the fact that alcohol alters a driver’s perception of impending danger. When combined with the sluggish reflexes associated with alcohol consumption, drunk drivers do not tense the muscles before an impact in the same way unimpaired motorists do. Thus, unimpaired motorists are more prone to injury because of the human body’s natural response to impending danger.

Injuries caused by these accidents can include head, brain or even back and spinal trauma, among many others. If you are suffering from any injury sustained in a drunk driving crash, you could benefit from the services of a Passaic County car accident lawyer.

If you are a victim of drunk driving in any capacity, you may not realize that you have the right to pursue financial compensation for you and your family. Insurance may not offer you an amount that actually covers all of your financial needs. Accident related expenses could be very costly—do not suffer alone without knowing if you could be eligible for a settlement.

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