Back Injuries

Injuries to the back are serious and can leave a victim in pain and unable to perform his or her normal duties. Back injuries and other accident injuries typically require medical treatment, rehabilitation and perhaps long-term care, all of which are very expensive. If you are facing mounting medical bills as a result of a car accident, or if your insurance will not provide you with the money that you need, you may benefit from the services of a Passaic County car accident lawyer.

Common Types Of Back Injuries
Because of the nature of a car crash, it is common to suffer injuries to the back. The body absorbs a major impact when a moving vehicle comes to a sudden stop. As a result, it is common to suffer various types of back injuries, including some of the following:

Disk injuries: These types of injuries occur when a disk in the spinal cord slips or is herniated. When this happens, it can cause the cushion in between disks to move, causing intense pain and possible immobility. These injuries may be characterized by shooting pain, numbness or weakness in the extremities.

Spinal cord injuries: These types of injuries are extremely serious because they disrupt the communication of the brain with the rest of the body, through the spinal cord. When spinal cord injuries occur, they can result in pain, paralysis, numbness, inability to move limbs or even a fatality. These serious injuries likely require expensive and long-term healthcare.

Compression fractures: Many times, the impact of a collision can cause breaks and fractures in the bones of the back. This is a particular problem in older people. Compression fractures are tiny breaks in the bones and can cause inability to sit up, pain and difficulty breathing. It is possible that these types of injuries could go undiagnosed.

This is not a conclusive list of possible damages that can occur in the event of a car accident. Possible accidents that may bring about this kind of injury are rollover accidents and rear-end collisions. Even the simplest car accident can cause injuries. Do not assume that your case is not important or that you are not eligible for possible compensation just because your accident was not “major.”

Head Injuries

Head injuries are one of the most common types of car accident injuries. Because of the nature of car collisions, it is common for a driver or passenger to hit his or her head on a dashboard or windshield. If you received a head injury in a car accident due to another driver’s negligence, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Contact a Passaic County car accident lawyer for more information about your options after an unexpected accident.

What Types Of Head Injuries Are Possible From A Car Accident?
Head injuries are typically classified as any damage that is done to the scalp, head, skull or face. These types of injuries may include any of the following:

Concussion: This type of injury may also be classified as a brain injury. However, a concussion is the result of an external head injury that causes internal damage to the brain. In the event of a concussion, a person will generally have an altered mental state and could experience nausea, headaches, swelling and more.

Skull fractures: It is possible, in the event of a car accident, that the skull could experience a fracture as a result of the impact. A skull fracture could also lead to other internal brain injuries. Typically, a cracked skull could result in swelling, nausea, vomiting, disorientation and more and could be a sign of potentially fatal damage.

Lacerations and swelling: These types of injuries include cuts, bruises and bumps. These are often the result of a sudden impact, then hitting the head on a window or dashboard. These injuries may require ice packs, rest, stitches, medication and more.

It is important to remember that head injuries and brain injuries are not synonymous terms. While many head injuries can indicate that there are underlying brain injuries, it is not always the case. Head injuries generally describe damage that can be seen, but that does not mean that these injuries are not serious or do not require medical treatment.

Head injuries can have a variety of symptoms and possible effects. If you are a victim of a head injury, you may experience some of the following:

  • Swelling, bruising or bleeding on the scalp
  • Any cut that requires stitches
  • Damage to any of the bones of the skull or the face
  • Nausea, vomiting, disorientation or more

Of course, this is not a conclusive list. If you suffered any of the above injuries or if you have experienced any of the above side effects, you could be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries. If you are suffering because of the negligence of another driver, a car accident lawyer may be able to help you get the best possible settlement.

Brain Injuries

The brain is the center of life. Through it, the body knows how to function, speak, move and survive. It is an understatement to say that a brain injury can be a very serious type of car accident injury, even fatal. When these accidents are not fatal, brain damage can greatly decrease a person’s quality of life. Brain injuries that occurred as a result of car accidents are especially tragic.

Victims may be able to receive financial compensation for the suffering that they have endured. A Passaic County car accident lawyer can be your ally as you consider pursuing a settlement. He or she can provide a thorough case evaluation that can reveal your best options moving forward.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Brain Injuries And What Are The Consequences?
Like many other types of injuries, brain injuries can range from mild to traumatic. Sadly, brain injuries can go undiagnosed, often hidden by other types of injuries, such as head injuries. Damage to the brain is not uncommon after an accident because of the motion of the body in the moment of impact. Some of the most common types of brain injuries, also known as traumatic brain injury (TBI), that occur after an accident include:

Penetrating injuries: These types of injuries occur when a penetrating object enters the skull and into the brain. While uncommon, it is possible that metal or glass objects can do this in the event of a serious car accident. The severity of the damage depends on the part of the brain that is damaged.

Internal brain injury: An internal brain injury can result from several different types of injuries, including those that cause bleeding or bruising of the brain. It may also be known as a closed head injury and can happen when the head is suddenly struck or hits a hard object, such as a windshield or dashboard. The extent of the impact of these injuries may be hard to determine, especially if the brain is swollen.

These two main types of TBI are not the only possible injuries, but they are common in car accidents. Common physical ailments that accompany a car accident include:

Primary brain damage: Side effects of primary brain damage can include skull fractures, swelling of the brain, hematomas or internal bleeding of the brain, nerve damage or actual cuts and lacerations on the brain tissue.

Secondary brain damage: The extent of secondary brain damage may not be immediately clear, but can be revealed over time. Some types of secondary brain damage include brain swelling, epilepsy, cognitive problems, or inability to talk.