Car Accident Causes

There are many reasons that car accidents occur. While it may be difficult to determine the exact cause of an accident, many accidents are caused by factors related to driver negligence, dangerous driving, and poor decisions behind the wheel. If any of these car accident causes were involved in your accident, you could be entitled to financial compensation. Conversely, if you are unsure about what caused your accident you may benefit from contacting a Passaic County car accident attorney today.

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The Most Common Car Accident Causes
While this list is not exhaustive, if you have been injured in an accident caused by any of the following, you may be entitled to financial compensation:

Drunk driving accidents: Drunk driving is one of the most unfortunate reasons for car accidents. Alcohol greatly reduces the ability of a driver to think clearly, react to other vehicles, and make safe decisions. A drunk driver could be held criminally responsible for his or her actions as well as liable for any damages or injuries that were incurred.

Texting while driving: Texting behind the wheel is a serious problem on Passaic County roadways, as in every other part of the country. Texting can actually inhibit a driver in much of the same way that alcohol does. Texting while driving is dangerous and is a preventable cause for many car accidents.

Reckless driving and speeding: Dangerous driving comes in many forms. This can include extreme speeding, racing, weaving, running stop signs, and ignoring the rules of the road, among others. Reckless driving can be a criminal offense and victims may be eligible for financial compensation.

Defective car parts: When car parts are defective, it can pose a great risk to drivers. Most of the time drivers are unaware that there could be a problem until the moment that an accident happens. These can include bad brakes, bad tires or poorly done repairs. Defective car parts and faulty repairs are not your fault, so be sure to seek the compensation that you deserve.

Dangerous roads: It is the responsibility of the state and the local government to keep roads in safe condition. Potholes, poorly marked lanes or hidden road signs can all put drivers in danger. Accidents that are caused by poorly marked roads are not your fault and you could be eligible for financial compensation.

If your accident was caused by any of the listed factors, you should consider pursing a personal injury claim. Your injuries, including your mental anguish, pain and suffering, deserve compensation. The best way to know if your accident is eligible for a settlement is by seeking a case evaluation with a qualified Texas car accident lawyer.

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